Universal Credit (UC) is used by over 2.6 million people in the UK but the process of applying is impersonal and inflexible to the diversity of individual needs. For those looking for work it offers little or outdated guidance to finding long-lasting and enjoyable work (good work).


The Good Work Guide is a proposed workbook given to each applicant of UC looking for work. Inside is writing that offers alternative ways off approaching work (white pages) and interactive pages (green) that encourage users to document their personal skills and thoughts.


Copywriting, design & illustration
My extensive research, prompted by my dissertation*, revealed that finding good work is impacted by your network and ability to recognise your unique skills. The workbook empowers individuals to recognise these things and expand both in a way that is personal to them.

*Designing forms for social services services: successes, failures and revolutions

Above User Journey. Working alongside the existing system of applying for UC, the guide offers an alternative way of looking for a job – outside the confines of web-searches and stiff CV workshops. It is not another hurdle for users of UC, it is an optional tool that could improve their experience.