How can cycling become more inclusive for older individuals? Active travel is becoming increasingly obtainable. But many of the ageing population are left out of this cultural shift and therefore lose out on the mental and physical health benefits.


My research revealed that social support and knowledge of reliable routes empowers people to cycle. I propose a community platform that offers events, routes and articles for all cycling abilities, accessible on and offline.


Human-centred research, UX & UI design & branding

Individuals or cycling groups can create profiles then share and enjoy events, knowledge and routes. Routes can be accessed offline by either printing an online map [1] or finding a local-area map in a public place [2], and online via the app [3] or website [4].
    Using data from Sustrans' National Cycle Network, hosts a base of trusted routes for users to plan rides. The community are then invited to discover and document their own routes – building a community-led database.

I held a volunteer position at a local day centre for older individuals and was able to use my friends there for frequent and constructive feedback. This user-centred approach made my process challenging but incredibly rewarding and my design decisions truly reflect my users needs.
Above User-testing. 

[5] Iconographic and UI key
[6] Route 4 page
My insights informed a simple user experience and visual language [5]: tabular pages, outlined buttons, iconographic systems and minimal content supports those less proficient using technology.    Unlike other apps of this kind makes a neutral image of cycling. It is not designed to showcase personal achievements or encourage endless scrolling, it is a means to an end. provides additional information on all routes for users to filter and reveal to their preference [6]: ability, bike, terrain, seating, toilets, shops, cafe's and water.

It is a community-led platform and born from two user-groups: 1] The Follower is a new or comfortable cyclist, looking for cycling opportunities near them; 2] The Leader is a confident cyclist or cycling group looking for a community and a platform to share their knowledge

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