Over 200 million women and girls internationally are living with the effects of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C). Thousands of survivors and those vulnerable of being cut are living in the UK, but our media, healthcare, education and government doesn’t reflect this.

The Vavengers is a survivor-led organisation. Our main actions are: supporting grassroots programs and campaigning to mainstream FGM/C while amplifying the voices of survivors. My work pays most attention to the latter and in the two years since taking this role have worked to create a more established visual and written voice in which to make this happen.


Graphic design, social media, marketing strategy

Above misc social posts

The bulk of my design work involves making assets for social media that have also been researched, written & scheduled by me. Within this space I have experimented with our written and visual brand to understand what our audience respond to.

Due to low capacity (working as a volunteer outside of various jobs), it is only recently that I have worked on & within a marketing strategy that reflects our Theory of Change (TOC). I continue to learn about strategic marketing and am proud to do so while guiding a team of volunteers. 
Above The Vavengers TOC – a framework in which to guide our work towards the ultimate goal.