I love words and the power of well-written text, especially when balanced with visuals and used to open conversations about sensitive topics.

Below is a selection of pieces I have written, showcasing the range of spaces I put my words and design to use.
[1] My dissertation explored the effect that current form-led systems in social services have on accessibility and inclusivity. Get in touch to read it in full.

[3] ‘It Looks Like a Washbag’. Blog post for mimycri introducing their latest product.
[2] Issue #1 of 34minus1’s foreword, written by me. As a co-founder of the independent magazine I was involved in setting the tone for the publication. Our voice is crafted as a group but I continue a lead role as editor and writer. We attempt to give a diverse perspective on culture across Europe while acknowledging the impact of social and political events. 

[4] The New New. Blog post for mimycri talking about societies relationship with ‘new’.