In the face of Brexit and the rise of nationalism, it is difficult to view the European continent as anything other than divided.


I co-founded 34minus1, an annual independent culture magazine showcasing what is happening across Europe. It is a platform to celebrate the positive effect of open borders and cross-cultural collaborations. 


Editor, writer, art director & social media manager

Graphic design

Holly Moxham
George Davison
Will Reuben

Above The First Word, written by me

Issue #1 celebrated the Erasmus scheme, a European funded programme that supports students working and studying abroad. Following incredibly positive experiences on Erasmus, overshadowed by the constant loom of Brexit, me and five friends lanched 34minus1 to demonstrate the powerful impact international travel and collaboration can have on creativity.
    We reached out across the continent and had 40 submissions from 10 countries. This was curated down to 16 students’ work and 3 projects that were similarily working to promote positive collaborations in Europe.

We are now embarking on Issue #2 where we are exploring collectivism, coming Autumn 2020. Visit our Instagram or website to find out more and pre-order our next issue.

Above Issue #01 images art directed & shot by me & Alex Hayes


Bright Ideas 2020
Social Enterprise – Winner

Stack Podcast 2020

Stack Awards 2019
Student Magazine of the Year – Commendation
Above Issue #1 merchandise

Above Issue #1 launch
Film by Tom Stanners