During the centenary of the Bauhaus the significant contribution of GDR designers deserved a platform. Curators at a museum in the East of Germany made this possible and invited me and 6 other students to design the exhibition.


Our branding, scenography and catalogue celebrates the resources they’re made from, in-keeping with the ethos of Bauhaus. The objects and stories speak for themselves, our designs acting as vessels for the objects and history. 

︎Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany


Production, visual identity, scenography & catalogue design
Above The exhibition invitation. Systematic design and a celebration of the objects was at the heart of our visual approach. Each piece of media needed to be bilingual (English & German) and we discovered and applied two GDR typefaces to compliment each language.

As part of a team of seven I worked with the curators at the Dokumentationszentrum Alltagskultur der DDR (Documentation Centre for Everyday life in the GDR) to design an exhibition about Bauhaus in the German Democratic Republic. We managed every stage of production: concept – prototype – creation.

    This project was undertaken during a semester studying at Weißensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin but continued as a paid position post-study.

The exhibition is on display for a year and will host thousands of visitors. Feedback from the opening, including from family members of those featured, assured us that we had done the designers work and stories justice.

Above The Exhibition. Timber and concrete were chosen as practical and neutral yet beautiful materials to build structures. We printed the supporting timeline onto complimentary plywood and used blocks of transparent colour as wayfinding.
Our involvement from start to finish was complete and even involved spending a weekend on site mixing, pouring and moving the concrete elements.

Above Exhibition catalogue published by M-Books


Exhibition: Kevin Fuchs
Catalogue: Fay Nolan