Too often womxn’s* opinions, feelings and desires are generalised using one white cis-female’s account or, worse still, commentated by males.


Wxmen Tell Us is a film series inviting all womxn to share their experiences around the topics of sex, relationships and, most importantly, pleasure. Unscripted and uncensored.

*women, trans and non-binary people


Art direction, journalism & filmmaking

With Miriam Woodburn

Following an open-call for participants, me and Miriam spent the day in a film studio, creating a space and platform for people to share their thoughts and experiences. 
    We shot hyper-textural still life scenes using two flowers, an assortment of liquids and a slow motion camera. They offer a playful interpretation of the individuals’ words and re-claim visual stereotypes of femininity – challenging perceptions and pushing the boundaries of how womxn are depicted.
    Wxmen Tell Us does not suggest that these accounts are ‘normal’, instead we present a diversity of perspectives, encouraging viewers to feel represented, unique and empowered to talk about theirs too.

Pleasure is different for everyone, irrelevant of gender, sexuality, age, race or ability. By sharing our experiences we can empower others to share too, and in the process help everyone experience more pleasure, however that may be.

This film is a fraction of what we documented and in time we hope to edit and release more. Thank you to everyone who offered us their time and beautiful words.